Our Mission

Hope Change Choices is dedicated to making school choice as accessible as possible for Los Angeles Unified parents. We believe that every family should know all their options.

Magnet Myths

See how smart you are about Magnets. Magent Myths from rustum jacob on Vimeo.

How To Apply to a Magnet High School

This video focuses on How to Apply to a Magnet School.  We created this from the viewpoint of a parent at Cochran MS trying to send their child to a Magnet High School.  As you will see from the video; it is important for a parent to apply to Magnet schools in 6th grade (if...

Why a Magnet High School?

Why go to a Magnet High School in LAUSD? Here are a few reasons why: Why Magnet Schools from rustum jacob on Vimeo Download Choices Video (English)