Apply now, if you are interested in a Dual Language Immersion Program for the 2018-19 school year.

Dual Language Immersion Program (DLP) enrollment is now part of the Apply.LAUSD.Net portal.  This does not mean DLPs are magnet schools, there is no transportation offered.

Where can I learn more:

The DLP FAQ page

Q: Why would I enroll my child in a DLP?

A:  There is a lot of research on the benefits of bi-literacy.  Students who culminate from High School bi-literate are on track to complete college and achieve the same level of language mastery, at an academic level, as a native speaker

Q: Are these programs new?

A: No, some programs have been around for decades.  LAUSD is showing a renewed commitment to these programs by fostering a diverse roster of schools and language options.

Q: Is the Dual Language/Bilingual program for English Learners?
A:Yes. All students benefit from Dual Language/Bilingual programs, especially English Learners who speak other languages.

Q: Are there any requirements to enroll my child in a dual language program?
A: Students must enter the DLP at kindergarten. The child must be proficient in either English or Spanish (for the Spanish DLP) or English or Korean (for the Korean DLP) or English or Mandarin (for the Madarin DLP). In some cases, a new student who has proficiency in the target language (Spanish, Korean or Mandarin) may be enrolled into a DLP beyond grade 1. Consult your local dual language program school for details and enrollment procedures

Q: Will students living within LAUSD boundaries need an Intra-District permit to attend a Dual Language/Bilingual program at a location other than their home school?
A: No. Intra-District (within LAUSD) permits are no longer required.

Q: Will transportation be provided for Dual Language/Bilingual Program students?
A: No. Transportation will not be provided for the Dual Language/Bilingual program students.

Q: When do I need to apply?
A: The CHOICES application window is October 2-November 9, 2017. If you miss the application window, the late application period begins February 1, 2018. (students will be placed in the order the applications are received based on space availability.)

Q: Do students currently enrolled in a Dual Language/Bilingual program need to re-apply?
A: No. However, a new application is needed for matriculating students.

Q: Since families are applying through the Choices application, will Dual Language/Bilingual applicants accrue points?
A: No. Only students applying for magnet programs will accrue magnet priority points.


…Inter-district permits will still be accepted on a space available basis.