Open enrollment for the 2015-16 academic year is open.  You can get the list of schools and the application here.  This is the last choice program of the year.

What is open enrollment:  Open enrollment is a choice program in LAUSD that lets you send your child to another school that has space available.  Open enrollment is generally for comprehensive schools, so you tend not to see “themed schools” like a magnet.  Unlike magnet schools there is no transportation, you’re on your own.  All applications are accepted equally (no preferences for any sub-group).  If there are more applications for a school site then there are seats, there is a lottery.

Does it work: Yes, I am sending my child to a school using an open enrollment permit.


  1.  Apply to the schools you want, even if they are not on the list.  You need to use the paper application to do this and there is no guarantee the school will accept your application.  The reason this might work is that sometimes a school has a total (all grades) population that shows the school as not having open enrollment space, but a specific grade level is available.
  2. Be patient, I applied to a school that wasn’t listed for open enrollment and got a phone call the week before school started saying they had space available.