After 6 years of promoting Magnet schools with my students and 5 years of running this site, my wife and I finally got to apply to a Magnet school this year.  And we got rejected.

A quick summary of my reactions in rough chronological order

  1. “Really?”
  2. “That sucks”
  3. “So glad we are already in a wonderful school*”
  4. “I should write a blog post about this, I’m really over due”
  5. “I need to post my points and the school on Magnet Yenta’s blog**”
  6. “Remind people that there are so many ways to get into schools, Magnets are just one method*”


*Many LAUSD schools have multiple ways of gaining entry.  We used “open-enrollment” for our oldest to get into a TK program (Magnets are not an option for TK).  We love the school our son is in and as a result we didn’t mind applying to a Magnet that is extremely difficult to get into.

**The Magnet Angel keeps on doing great things for families in LA.  Please post your Magnet situation on the 2015-16 Magnet Acceptance thread