Any day now the 2015-16 Magnet application for LAUSD will be available at  In the mean time you can start researching.  Find Schools on LAUSD’s maps. “ISIC” schools cover all of LAUSD in addition to North, East, South, West.

Ask a Magnet Yenta is another great resource for keeping up on all things LAUSD Magnet.  Make sure to read the forums, parents leave many trinkets of golden knowledge.


For your amusement, don’t forget the visually dated but content current videos.

Why go to a Magnet High School (or any other grade level) in LAUSD? 

Here are a few reasons why:

Why Magnet Schools from rustum jacob on Vimeo

Download Choices Video (English)


See how smart you are about Magnets.

Magent Myths from rustum jacob on Vimeo.