I know you are exhausted watching news outlets troll the web with the words “LAUSD” and “iPad” (see what I just did there).  Unless you read the Daily News, no other LA news outlet is announcing that Los Angeles Unified School District’s 2013-2014 Magnet/PWT/NCLB school choice season is open.  Last year over 60,000 families applied.

There are only two sources you need this year.

The Official LAUSD echoices website:  LAUSD’s Student Integration Services under Estelle Luckett  has really upped its game on the web-front.  Any advice or maps I would have given you in the past is now on the official web-site.  The only thing LAUSD’s website doesn’t host is a parent forum.


AskAMagnetYenta (aka MagnetAngel) is where you can get all of your questions answered from other like minded parents.  My favorite post is her constantly updated list of open houses.

>>inset image of the illustrious Magnet Angel<<


Shameless promotion.  The ESC West Magnet Fair is this Saturday 10/5 at Cochran Middle School.  I’ve run information sessions for this event for the past 5 years.  Its great if you live on the westside.  Every magnet program in the West area will be in attendance.