First, kudos to Mr. Damon for saying there is no public school progressive enough in Los Angeles for his family.  My experience running this site for four years tells me he is wrong about there not being progressive schools.  I seriously doubt, given copious amounts of time, Mr. Damon couldn’t find a dozen schools that meet his definition of “progressive”.

When Mr. Damon said  he couldn’t find a school, the key word is “find.”   Los Angeles school choice is a beast.  Even for someone who attended Harvard, such as Mr. Damon, for most LAUSD families it remains a struggle to navigate the LAUSD school choice system.   “School Choice,” is another layer of discrimination unless everyone has a reasonable chance of knowing and accessing their choices.

This blog posts yearly reminders about how many choices exist in both spreadsheet and prezi (not updated for 2013-14) format.  Dr. Deasy cannot give a personal tour to every celebrity in LAUSD’s boundaries that complains about not finding the right school, let alone every parent.

So what can we do about this?

  • We can keep on talking up LAUSD’s need to constantly strive to improve awareness and access to their portfolio of schools.
  • We can keep making suggestions to improve awareness and access to LAUSD’s portfolio of schools.
  • Call your board member.

Bonus Point:  For the record Mr. Damon, if you want to teach progressivism to your children, the greatest progressive lesson you could give your children is to send them to their neighborhood school, work with your neighborhood school to make the changes you want to see (PTA, School Site Committee, Parent Trigger).   Having the faith in yourself and your community that all of us together can improve the outcomes for current and future generations, that is progressive.  For those that don’t have the resources and time to create changes, and want to give their child a different educational experience from their neighborhood school, LAUSD has lots of choices.

Photo: Miguel Angel Azua Garcia [CC-BY-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons