Anyone who uses an LAUSD password will appreciate this.  LAUSD passwords must meet a certain length and character variety.  What makes LAUSD passwords particularly annoying is that they have to be recycled every 180 days and you cannot reuse a password, never ever.

While this is not directly tied to School Choice in LAUSD, any parent, student, or teacher using LAUSD’s Single Sign On will find this presentation helpful.  The the Common Core Technology Project that empowers every LAUSD student with an iPad will also require every LAUSD student to maintain an LAUSD MyMail account that falls under the conditions of the Single Sign On system.  I am part of the Common Core Technology Project, but this is not an official LAUSD or CCTP publication.  Enjoy the Easter Egg.
Unofficial Guide

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Password Config


For sites that make you use your LAUSD email and do not change the password, remove the suffix and use the first letter of the website name.

Example: Prezi requires a LAUSD email address for all the cool educator tools

user name: rustum.jacob

Password W@n3gbT13f   becomes>W@n3gbTP   (P is for Prezi)