Many LAUSD parents were caught by surprise that Open Enrollment does not include affiliated charters*.  I’ve spent the last few days going through the 40+ affiliated charter websites and calling some, trying to determine when they do have open enrollment windows.  Personally I found the process aggravating.  Some schools did a great job posting the application online in an easy to locate place with clear dates, times and locations.  Most schools required using an internal search engine to locate the dates to apply (tricky stuff).  Some schools required families to show up to get the application (unnecessary for families to turn in a piece of paper with their name and address).  The truly aggravating schools were ones that didn’t bother to post any information about enrollment online or worse they informed parents you probably would not be accepted (and didn’t post any information about a general application).

Below is a spreadsheet I made as I tried to track down information about each school (pink blocks need to be filled in).  Please use the form below the spreadsheet to send me any corrections or updates.  The form is identical to the one I sent to every affiliated charter school principal last week.  Thank you Colfax Charter Elementary, Sherman Oaks Elementary Charter, and Serrania Charter for Enriched Studies for providing prompt replies.
Affiliated Spreadsheet


Affiliated Charter application window form

Affiliated Form


Part of being a charter school means you are able to create a path for parents to apply.  LAUSD is legally not allowed to tell a charter school how to run its enrollment.  It is up to affiliated charters if they want to work together.  There is no mandate that a charter must post its application online, but it is really convenient and most independent charters do this.  There is no mandate that affiliated charters must follow the same enrollment window as LAUSD, but it is really convenient for parents when affiliated charters have elected to follow the same dates as LAUSD (or the January 14th to April 26th window agreed to by a cohort of Valley schools).  Parents do not need the confusion that comes with navigating over 20 different time frames and locations.  If an affiliated charter still participates in the SAS or Magnet program, you can still follow the respective rules for those programs.
*Affiliated Charters maintain the LAUSD teacher contract and have access to LAUSD’s SAS and Magnet programs.   Affiliated charters are typically in the Valley and Westside.  You are guaranteed acceptance into the school, if it is your neighborhood school.  The main driver for becoming affiliated charter schools was to allow the schools to keep more of their money during the budget crisis.