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Hope Change Choices is dedicated to making school choice as accessible as possible for Los Angeles Unified parents. We believe that every family should know all their options.
Monthly archive December, 2011

Last Chance for Romero Transfer Act

The Romero Transfer Act ends December 31st for families looking to enter LAUSD or change schools within LAUSD.  The Romero Transfer act is a great option for thousands of LAUSD families who want a choice other than their home high school.  For more information on what exactly the Romero Transfer Act is please see least...
Keeping up appearances

Keeping up appearances

Schools should keep their online presence as neat as their physical presence. At least that is what I think after trying to help some students research their school choices.   I’m pretty sure I’m missing some things, please add in the comments.   Things to do. Best done by breaking these into small tasks. What you...

What Denver can teach LAUSD about choice

Op-ed: Denver Public School system just took a huge step toward making school choice universally accessible.  For the 2012-2013 school year parents who want to take advantage of school choice, have a single application for all schools (neighborhood, magnet, charter). Denver is not the same as LAUSD, but much of what Denver is doing could be...